Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Hibiscus blossom shows off its beauty and its beauty last only one day.  I am thankful for a second chance in life,  for Sepsis almost took my life away.  Take care of your body, we own only 'One,'  just for a little while.  

Sunday, July 4, 2010


"Happy 4th of July Birthday"
At times we need to understand that our moods will play a big part on our bad side of ourselves.  When we are smiling and happy, our Ear's and Heart are open to good conversations or advice and we aren't so angry like prior.  Stopping to put conversations together, One might not say what One might have heard incorrectly.  Practicing our deep inner emotions, we are able to Love ourselves and count it as the best blessing from our Higher Power.  It is then that you have gone to the next level in Life. Your Love for a wild animal will been seen differently.   Your Love for your family will be seen differently than before and mostly, the Love for yourself will change dramatically.  Your Love for another person will have a complete 360 degree turn that you may not be irritable but Loving.  It is then that you will have matured to be the man of all dreams that I had for you before you were born.  It is then that you, Rhett, will put down your shield that protected you from all that was not real.  Love will be a big part of your Life.  Fear and Doubt will just be a thing of the past.
May you have Happiness today and Forever, and may your heart be touched by the  Soul of Kindness and Love...
Written to you on this day 4, July, 2010
by your Immortal Mom

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Wondering Dragonfly"

My mind loves to go to certain places, a place of Dreams, a place of Tranquility, a place where no one goes...its a place for Dreamer's.  I free my soul there, sometimes sadden when I am lost.  The pain I carry in my heart doesn't hurt but it hurts deep inside of my mind. 

There are people who's lives are on track, as the seconds goes by on their clock. There are some who walks the beaten path and takes a chance to know exactly what its like,  for those have lost track of time.  

Being in constant restlessness, I travel.  I find inspiration where I the place of Dreams, to the place of Tranquility, a place where no one goes...the Land held special for Dreamer's.

I was told many times to stop "wondering" or you will get lost and that, I did.

The Wondering Dragonfly...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Thank You for Dropping By"

I enjoy making new friend's over the internet.  Its a whole different world through electronic's.  Some are aggressive and all you need to do is delete them...POOF...they're gone.  The majority are very nice people that are so respectable to other's.  I'd like to thank you for stopping by and browsing.  Please stop by again as new things always develop through the mind of Waikikidragonfly and Mauidragonfly

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Maneki Neko" Japanese Good Luck Cat

Handmade and designed by Mauidragonfly.
Hand painted on heavy cotton fabric.  Red and Gold fabric collar with gold Bell is tied off in back of Maneki.  His bib has Maneki Neko printed on its fabric to go well with the theme.  The yen is made out of glitter foam and foam backing, with gold cording to finish off perfectly.  The glitter is hard to fall off unless scraped with a sharp object.  Ears are red felt.  Maneki Neko's paws can move upwards to your specifications for the Luck you are asking for.  His legs bend so he can sit and has a tail in back.  Acrylic Safety eyes are Amber and impossible to pull out.  Maneki Neko is 9" across and 30" long.

*for information, please message. Maneki Neko makes an interesting conversation piece and is up for adoption

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Amigurimi Owl" by Waikikidragonfly

Amigurmi Owl was done all in single crochet.  It's base is separated from the body.  The edge and base is crocheted, to close, after the body is stuffed.  Standing 4 3/4" tall, it was really fun putting Amigurumi Owl together because of its easy nature.  NOTATION: Pueo (Poo-A-Oh) in Hawaiian means "Owl"

Friday, May 7, 2010

"The Moon and Maui"

I love the ocean and  the surrounding's of Maui from the shoreline or on old Lava flows..  My work is mainly of Hawaii's Seascapes.  "The Moon and Maui" is an original Fine Art painting that was done recently and is painted on Artist Archival Quality stretched canvas.  The 16" x 20" canvas is wrapped in a way where the Artwork is continuous on all four sides.   It is frameless.
(this Artwork is on Reserve)