Thursday, June 24, 2010

"The Wondering Dragonfly"

My mind loves to go to certain places, a place of Dreams, a place of Tranquility, a place where no one goes...its a place for Dreamer's.  I free my soul there, sometimes sadden when I am lost.  The pain I carry in my heart doesn't hurt but it hurts deep inside of my mind. 

There are people who's lives are on track, as the seconds goes by on their clock. There are some who walks the beaten path and takes a chance to know exactly what its like,  for those have lost track of time.  

Being in constant restlessness, I travel.  I find inspiration where I the place of Dreams, to the place of Tranquility, a place where no one goes...the Land held special for Dreamer's.

I was told many times to stop "wondering" or you will get lost and that, I did.

The Wondering Dragonfly...

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  1. This is beautiful... I like it because it reminds me that I am not alone; there are others like you and me who dream and wonder about other possibilities. "The Wondering Dragonfly"reads like a story and yet feels very real. The word "wonder" also makes me think of the word "wander," as in "to stray."

    I love all those colors on the dragonfly by the way :) The green, blue and purple are cool-temperature colors and can be very calming when looking into them.